Anuskatzz. Female Tattoo Journey

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  • Mauricio This is life and this is happening. Everything shot spontanious at home with friends and family.
  • Roland Beside her eyeball tattoo this was finish her full bodysuit. This is supposed to make you smile , so let me know.
Jarrod Face Tattoo for Female Model
  • Mauricio For some of u this is my one of the less extreme and radical facetattoo from psyland. Psychedelic shaman rituals or just a insane surreal illusion of our society.
Dustin Female Tattoo Journey
  • Darrell You can support me easy over my patreon page and give me a little bit of a regulated income and supportive feedback to keep the system running. Tattoo artist and full time Child Maya Lu is waiting for the right client.
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  • Thanh Just another day at the tattooshop.
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  • Carmelo As thank you you will get acces to a monthly private video, backstage pictures and a lot more private stuff. Between pain, eyeball tattoos till to her face.
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  • Leopoldo When not tattooing or creating films, Lily Lu enjoys other aspects of the alternative lifestyle - including body suspensions in which people are hung from hooks through their skin , living out of a van, Japanese bondage, porn production and travelling - all of which gets documented on their YouTube channel.
  • Ernest This Girl speaks deep insides behind her journey and her path. The full Tattoo Journey of the female Model Anuskatzz.
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  • Samantha In between my sextransition i give up any kind of limitations in gender, life, society, the outside reality of what we call earth and anything else surrounding my body or my mind.
  • Deandre This passion and art for tattooing goes far behind the boarder of what he ever expected what would be possible as a tattoo artist. Little swastika is gone and he let his old male ego, the tattoo machie and much more behind him to step forward in life again and find new and fresh callenges within our society and our alternative culture.
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  • Forrest The tough life of a 9 year old tattoo artist.
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  • Peter I have my friend angelo over a day after he finished his facetattoo and we speak about the long process and ho a tattoo artist should be about with his customers so they can have the same powerful experience as we had.
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  • Jay In the 1,5 years she got her full body suit Ink it changed her a lot. My girl anuskatzz get some facial ink.
Colin Face Tattoo for Female Model
  • Wilford What sems extreme, radical, insane or just cool for many, can be a very big and meaningful step for others.